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"I had a win-win situation with my car buying/trade experience at Herzog Meier last night.  Jay was awesome to work with!  The process was by far the smoothest from start to finish that I've experienced. I went after work and was home with my new car, deal done, by 8:00.  He was personable and low pressure, we sat and chatted while we waited for paperwork, he's a super nice guy or top of being easy to work with. I would highly recommend Jay, he's the best!!"

- Lori S.

"My experience with the team at Herzog-Meier Mazda was awesome! I came in to explore some options on renewing my lease and Jay helped me through everything! Jay was so easy to work with and he really took the time to make sure I got exactly what I wanted. Everyone who assisted me was respectful and excited to help. I found my dream car and left with the biggest smile! A big thank you to Jay especially for taking such good care of me!"

- Brooke F.

"Unfortunately, I needed return my diesel Volkswagen. I was able to take the money I received and put it towards a new fixed diesel. Ed Cuaresma my salesman was very knowledgable and informed us what changed and what to expect from our new diesel. I would definitely recommend him to fam and friends in the future to purchase a vehicle."

- Lance B.

"Decided to buy another Volvo, but this time going to do the Volvo Overseas Delivery Program. The wife and I looked into several options, but we're very impressed with Herzog-Meier's level of professionalism and enthusiasm to help customers, which is what brought us back to do the Volvo purchase through Herzog-Meier Volvo, and the number of selections on site. If you're considering a Volvo, then try this dealership. These folks are all-around great! They've earned my business."

- Therdsak Suthanaviroj

"Recently purchased our 3rd Volvo, an S90 this time, from Herzog Meier Volvo.  The sales representative for our last two Volvo's was Doug Galloway.  He is a very ethical, honest person.  He works with you to find a great price.  We recommend him highly."

- Marcy Phillips

"I had a fantastic car purchase from Dillon and he made it very easy and even came all the way to my house to drop it off at my convenience. Thank you Dillon!"

- Steph Kory

"We had just gone through a horrible experience at Allan Webb and came still freshly burned. Needless to say we were to the point indicating we were there for no nonsense and no drawn out haggling. The young man who met us cheerfully complied and when we picked out the car we wanted (Mazda 3 touring), the manager listened to our story. Thereafter he gave us a straight price within our price range, no haggling. He gave us a very reasonable interest rate and monthly payment along with all weather mats and a fresh washed car. We were in and out in no time at all. We just went in for our routine oil change with them, and I have to say through and through, I couldn't be happier with their service and professionalism. Thank you so much!!""

- Nalina B

"We worked with Justin Jeffers and he provided one of the best car buying experiences! He was honest, patient with us, and VERY knowledgeable! We bought a Mazda 6 and absolutely love it!! We started our shopping online and I had such a great experience that I will definitely do the same again. Picked out the car I wanted to drive and by the time I got there the car was ready to test drive. Before we drove off in the car, Justin went over all the gadgets with us in detail to make sure we knew how to work all the electronics before we left. Thank you!!!"

- Rachel Evans

"We bought our very first new car from Herzog-Meier Mazda and it was a very smooth transaction.  Our sales guy was Shmuel Borenstien and he was awesome and I would highly recommend working with him.  He was very patient with all our oddball questions and helped us out over 3 weeks including multiple test drives.  Shmuel was able to answer all our questions and added very valuable information about the vehicles we were looking at.  On the whole, buying our first car was nearly painless and I'd recommend Shmuel and Herzog-Meier if you want to replicate that experience."

- Nathan E.

"I bought a used SUV from this dealership and cannot express how happy I am with their service, professionalism, skills in keeping the process simple and fast, and knowledge of the specific cars I wanted to test drive. My salesperson, Shmuel Borenstien, the financier, Cameron MacLean, and Mike...behind the scenes were great! Thank you for a great buying experience!"

- Jean_NE_PDX

"BEST car buying experience ever!!! Justin Jeffers… YOU ROCK! Not my first rodeo buying a car and I'll admit prior experience with Herzog-Meier 17 years ago was not pleasure cruise. This time it was completely different, from the start, this time it was AMAZING! YOU the customer - You own doing your homework, having an idea of type of car, wants/needs, price range, reviews, etc., before wander into a dealership kicking tires. Not easy on a salesman if you don't know what you're looking for. My experience with Herzog-Meier Mazda was "Incredible!" It began with a call from customer service (pleasant and friendly) to meeting my salesman (Justin) to taking a test drive (zoom zoom) to the associate completing the paperwork/warranty (man in the glass office). Because I have sound knowledge of cars, it was refreshing that Justin did as well. He explained all aspects of the CX-5 from engine to handling to programming inside. He was personable and professional and has a great sense of humor, my experience was outstanding. Buying a car is stressful, but it should also be fun, exciting and a very personable and positive experience. It was for me and Justin Jeffers made this experience better than expected."


"I worked with Justin Jeffers and he was wonderful. Personable, honest , and patient. The financing for my car was a little tricky, but he stayed with us the whole way. I'm happy with the car, the deal, and Justin who was so helpful and understanding."

- Alice Gallagher

"I had a great experience with Herzog-Meier when buying my new Mazda3. I worked with Justin Jeffers and he made the whole transaction easy from start to finsh. He was very personable as well as knowledgeable. He listened and answered all of my questions and went out of his way to find the exact car that I was looking for. I have also serviced my previous Mazdas here, and will continue to do so. I have only had good experiences when working with the employees of Herzog-Meier."

- Michelle Latham

"John was our salesman and made our experience purchasing a Mazda CX-3 affordable and fun. He was honest with what was achievable and what they could do for us. As someone who has been shopping around looking for the perfect car, it was nice to see someone else with the same passion and drive to ensure that the car we chose was perfect for us. Thank you John."

- Peter Brown

"I had spent all day at another Mazda dealership getting the run around. After leaving that place without a car, I saw that Herzog-Meier had the exact car I was looking for on their online inventory. I called them up and told them what I was looking for and that I was cranky having wasted the day at another place and wanted a straightforward experience. Shmuel was wonderful. He assured me that they did things differently and when I arrived the car was ready and the process was as quick and painless as possible. Everyone I came in contact with was very friendly and sincere. I couldn't have asked for an easier car buying experience. I would definitely recommend going to Herzog-Meier...and ask for Shmuel!"

- Shasta Barnes

"I own a 2013 Mazda3 and always take my car to get serviced here. The service people are honest and very detailed as to what was done. They also offer employee discount for most big companies in the area. I have always felt like they were honest about the needs and maintaince of my car without trying to push extra service on me. I would recommend that anyone take their Mazda to be serviced there as I have compared around at other service options and have found there pricing to be the same as jiffy lube or oil cans henry if not better at times. They also offer a free shuttle if you work within in ten miles which is helpful if you need to get your car serviced before work."

- Natalie Breese