Vehicle Upgrade Program

Simply put, we need more used cars.  Sell us your current car and we'll upgrade you to the latest model.  In many cases we can do this without raising your current monthly payment, and in some cases we can actually lower your monthly payment!

This is possible through current incentives, special financing and Herzog-Meier discounts that are now available. 

Why do we want your car?

  • Our pre-owned inventory has been depleted because of a recent spike in sales, so we need more used cars!
  • Our customers want locally-owned vehicles with low miles that have been well maintained.
  • Our best source for high-quality pre-owned cars is you! 

What are the benefits of upgrading?

  • Lower maintenance costs on a new car
  • Longer and more comprehensive warranties on a new car
  • Lower fuel costs and higher miles per gallon on the latest models
  • Increased safety with the latest technology in a new car
  • Roadside assistance included with every new model
  • Enjoy the latest available features (bluetooth, navigation, backup camera, blind-spot monitoring, keyless entry, etc..)

Contact us online or call Customer Service at (503) 619-3327.

Contact Our Vehicle Upgrade Department